Ding shine food

Ding Shine Food International Corp. 

was founded in 2015, using our advantages of pearl milk tea materials supply, we've been focusing on the development of hand-made bubble tea beverages, and successfully transforming into RTD Boba milk teas. 
Through unstoppably innovation and development, consumers all over the world can enjoy the taste of Taiwan famous beverage — Bubble teas.

Continuously innovative development, we have promoted Taiwan's famous food to the world, and helped the demand for customers' private labeling. Professionalism and quality are our best commitments to customers. 

Our strong development team always can find the best solutions. In Taiwanese food and beverages, we are committed to becoming the best partner trusted by customers.


Our vision

Ding Shine Food International Corp. aims to become the leading producer of Taiwanese food and beverages; brings Taiwanese cuisine to the whole world.

Our mission 

Ding Shine Food International Corp.'s mission is in demand by promotion and exportation Taiwanese delicacies all over the world. We dedicate to provide highest quality products and services to clients, and benefit consumers.

Our core values ​​​​

We embrace every challenge and overcome it.
We put hundred percent efforts to make our clients satisfied with our providing.
We insist on providing products with the best quality.